Safety measures for Barbershops & Salons during and After COVID-19

Ensure that there are hand washing materials (soap & water) and hand sanitizer are placed at the entrance of all salon & barbershop.

Service providers must wear gloves and facemask. All customer seats, chairs work station, shampoo bows, doorknobs, cabinets and toilet must be sanitized. Clean all tools and gadgets in the shop with FDA approved disinfectant.

Ensure that customers sanitize their hands with at least 65% alcohol based hand sanitizer before coming in.

Always have running water and soap for staff and everybody.

Please ensure that wet or cabinet sanitizer, UV LIGHT are used to preserve clean tools.

Please make sure that customers sit 3 ft away from each other at any point in time and should not be more than 5 depending on the size of the shop or salon.

Try and Avoid close conversation while attending to client.

Ensure to change neck strip, cape/linen, towel, apron after use on every customer. Cover cloths and wash them everyday.

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