NAHBPON meets with Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce

NAHBPON meets with Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce

The Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce is an organization with a sole purpose of promoting businesses in Nigeria and improving the lives of various Nigerians. On Thursday , April 1st the leadership of NAHBPON met with the Director General of the Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce in the person of Mr Kpenkaan Terhemen Johnpaul and his team at their office in Abuja.

The purpose of this meeting was to create a relationship and partnership between the two organizations and factor out ways to improve the well being of Nigerians, especially those in the informal economy. NAHBPON as an organization consists of beauticians across all professions ranging from barbers, hairdressers, salon owners, pedicurists, manicurists, masseuses, beauty product manufacturers and so much more, majority of its members are actively in the workforce of the country that is 95% of them are all youths engaged in various professions nationwide. The Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce on the other hand is an organization that promotes businesses and aid hardworking Nigerian youths in the informal economy.

The NYCC presented their new program called NATIONAL SKILLS QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORK. This is a program that seeks to grant diplomas and degrees to individuals in various professions especially artisans who need it the most. The program involves online video tutorials and tests for a given period , after which the individual goes for a certificate exam. At the end of the exams and training , a graduation ceremony will be organized for successful candidates, certificates will be issued out to them and they’ll be formally recognized as degree holders in their chosen professions.

This program was created in conjunction with the National Open University, which will serve as the academic institution that will grant these degrees.

The NYCC also spoke about training and orienting Nigerian artisans on modern day book keeping ethics, which will help them in managing their businesses properly and even stand better chances in getting loans from financial institutions to boost their businesses.

They unveiled their new book keeping platform called AKOWE, a simplified cloud based bookkeeping solution. The solution helps subscribers enter basic information like sales, purchases, and expenses daily, using a mobile phone. These entries are computed at the backend into subscriber’s books of account. Detailed accounts are sent to the subscribers on a monthly basis.

They also showcased another savings platform called DIGITAL ASUSU, a digitalized savings program that aids users in saving money for a given period of time . This initiative is a welcome development since many low income business men and women don’t keep track of their daily incomes or profits.

Some key points discussed at the meeting are as follows :

  • Financial literacy
  • How cashflow in banks can grant artisans access to credits
  • Modernizing Apprenticeship
  • “I KNOW HOW TO BARB DOES NOT MAKE ME A BUSINESS PERSON ‘ ( Teaching an educating artisans on modern entrepreneurial skills )
  • How to raise capital from no where

The NYCC stated clearly that they were not in the business of providing empowerments or equipment to artisans rather they were passionate about promoting businesses, providing guidance and support to various businesses in a bid to improve profits and in turn boost the economy.

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